by Omahara



I don't think a single thing about making this album was easy, or cheap.

This is the second album for the pirate ship ghost that is Omahara, it's over an hour of new material spread across four tracks, none of which have titles and the album, like the first one, has no title either. We really make this easy for you don't we.

This is the first album I've ever made that will be pressed to vinyl, it'll be a 2 x 12" record, one song per side. We've been fortunate enough to be picked up by Art As Catharsis for this album, which is a very special feeling.

We recorded this album as a four piece, ensemble, inside the Queen Victoria Gunpowder Magazine - a very old sandstone building with timber flooring and no windows, in the Queen's Domain, Hobart. This album was recorded over 2 days and 3 nights, in the middle of Winter. I think these recordings definitely sound very 'cold', or maybe that's just what I hear, the building has a unique resonance which is why it was our chosen space. We dragged Ivan Johnston into the cold to suffer with us for the recording process, who would later spend hours laboring over this reverb drenched mess to make everything sound half reasonable, and later really awesome once the mixing process was complete.

We were fortunate enough to have this album mastered by James Plotkin, of whom we are huge fans, his work definitely made a huge impact to the final quality of the recordings, and saved a lot of the super low content we were worried we'd lost, due to the nature of the recording process.

More to come, I have to stop writing this right now as my puppy is destroying things....


released July 13, 2017



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Erosion Records Hobart, Australia

My name is Ryan and I make sounds.

This is a little home for all my sounds to live from various projects and collaborations.

Thank you for your time.

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